Replace your File Server and save over $15,000… We can prove it!

An average business with 15 employees can save over $15,000 with ShareSync when compared to File Servers.

How much can you save with ShareSync vs. a costly File Server? View our cost savings calculator below to see for yourself.

Can ShareSync from BlueRay Concepts help?

There’s a better option than File Servers for your business: ShareSync, cloud-based file sync and share. Compared to File Servers, ShareSync offloads hardware and electricity costs, slashes IT complexity and, most importantly, enables modern collaboration and mobility. Use our cost savings calculator to see how much you can save your business.

Remember, not all file sync and share services are designed for business. Many of them have their roots in the consumer world. So when you consider file server alternatives, consider ShareSync by BlueRay Concepts: it’s designed specifically to give users the simplicity and mobility of the consumer-style tools combined with the control and protection that businesses need for secure collaboration and sharing.

With ShareSync, you get full mobile access to all your files for increased productivity. Your IT administrators get control over access to files and folders alone with at-rest and in-transit encryption for total security. And everyone in your business will stay productive.

Call us at 1-270-908-5004 or chat with us live using the chat button on the website to learn how you can save big by replacing your File Servers with ShareSync.

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  • $6.00 – 10 GB per user
  • $12.00 – 100 GB per user
  • $17.00 – Unlimited storage per user

*The ShareSync cost savings calculator only provides an estimate of your potential savings and is used for illustrative purposes only. The estimate is non-binding. Your actual experience with ShareSync service may vary from the estimate presented by the calculator.