Managed Backup Services

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Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them but In reality, it’s not “if” but “when.” Your business data is a critical asset that deserves professional protection. You could be taking chances with subpar backup

Let’s talk about what’s at stake

Your Business Runs on Data
Small and medium-sized businesses like yours take many forms but create enormous value in the global economy. Your business runs on data—you likely couldn’t operate even a day without it. So, how do you ensure you can always access and use it?

There are multiple ways to back up data, including:

  • Local backup on your network
    (such as servers, drives, and USBs)
  • Local backup appliance
  • Cloud backup (including file sync and share)
  • Tape-based backup
  • Managed backup

How Everyday Calamities Hurt Your Business

Businesses like yours face “everyday calamities” that can cause system outages or data unavailability or loss. These issues include:

  • IT device failures
  • Theft or loss of your IT devices
  • Extreme weather or other events that limit access to sites (hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, fires, or COVID-19 restrictions)
  • Data corruption issues
  • Cyberattacks such as ransomware

Can your chosen backup solution stand up to these challenges?
Let’s take a closer look.

Everyday Calamities: Device Failure

You rely on critical IT devices, including servers, laptops, desktops, and drives. However, IT equipment can fail for many different reasons, including overheating, fan or drive issues, or firmware problems.

The impacts to you:

  • If you’re using local-only backup, you may not be able to access your data
  • Cloud backup may be difficult to restore to another device
  • Managed backup restores your data easily and quickly to the device of your choice

Everyday Calamities: IT Theft

A common problem businesses face is device theft—someone
steals your employee’s laptop from a car trunk, unattended table in
a coffee shop, or other location.

You may not back up your data on every device, but you probably should.

The impacts to you:

  • If that data isn’t backed up, you’ll lose it forever
  • Managed backup can restore that data to another device quickly,
    getting your employee back on the job

Everyday Calamities: Data Corruption Issues

Not all data is equally valuable. You rely on customer and other
databases and probably back them up regularly.

What happens if a software application crashes and that critical
data gets corrupted?

The impact to you:

  • Local-only backups may not be able to roll back time, making
    it hard to access an earlier version of your uncorrupted data
  • Managed backup can allow you to restore access with
    minimal disruption

Everyday Calamities: Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

Businesses like yours may experience disruption due to weather and other events.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen hurricanes, flooding, ice storms, earthquakes, and fires limit access to offices and sites.

During the pandemic, COVID-19 restrictions have also kept employees and IT teams out of offices and sites.

What are the impacts to you?

  • If you experience an extreme weather or other event, you may not be able to access the data from onsite devices, and local-only backup won’t help
  • If you have managed backup, you can restore that data to the device of your choice

Everyday Calamities: Ransomware Attack

Everyone is afraid of ransomware, and for good reason. Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly targeted, as their security is typically less mature than enterprises.

99% of all ransomware attacks rely on human intervention, meaning cybercriminals are constantly emailing and waiting for your employees to slip up.*

It’s not uncommon for cyberattackers to post stolen data online, even if you’ve paid a ransom, or to target you a second time.

The impact to you:

  • If you’re using a local-only backup product, it is likely to get infected by the ransomware attack and be totally unusable
  • Cloud backup will restore your data, but it may be a day old, meaning you lose a day’s work, transactions, or other data
  • You’ll also need to make sure to back up all your devices
  • Managed backup can back up your data several times a day, providing you with fast and easy access to your current work

Why Get Managed Backup?

Doing DIY backup with servers, USB drives, or the cloud may work for a while, but over time it could expose you to issues that could harm your business.

Only managed backup services will protect you from everyday calamities
such as:

  • IT device failures
  • Theft or loss of your IT devices
  • Extreme weather or other events that limit access to your offices or sites
  • Data corruption issues
  • Cyberattacks such as ransomware

We are here to help you restore your data quickly, keeping your business up and running, minimizing downtime, and protecting you against data loss.

Get started today with managed backup!