Spam filtering for free or really cheap? Here at BlueRay Concepts we are continually trying to bring our customer more services for better prices.  We are currently finalizing an upgrade to our spam filtering that will allow us to offer it for free to our Premium Hosting customers and for as low as $2.50 per month per domain for all other customers.   This is below the industry standard pricing that other hosting companies charge and is over a 50% reduction in pricing from our current $5 per month.  The more customers we have using it, the cheaper we can make it.

What does this mean:

  1. If you are currently on our Premium hosting package spam filtering will be added automatically for free.  We will of course shoot you an email first asking if you want it activated and then help you along the way.
  2. If you are already paying for our spam filtering then your price will be dropped accordingly from the date the new pricing goes into affect.  We will adjust your billing accordingly
  3. If you are on our Baby Blue or Advanced hosting then you can add spam filtering for only $2.50 per month or $30 per year.
  4. Our spam filter is even available to non hosting customers.

Ok, so whats the big deal?  Why do I need a spam filter and why is your so special?  Well if your tired of the Viagra, Russian girls and online Pharmacy emails, not to mention the foreign folks always asking you to write them a check then a spam filter is likely going to be your best friend. Spam filtering has become a necessity in todays email communications.

  1. Inbound Spam, virus and malware filtering
  2. Unlimited users/ mailboxes
  3. Multi-tier GUI
  4. Frequent product updates and upgrades
  5. Log Search
  6. Web-based & IMAP based quarantine
  7. PDF / HTML reporting
  8. Delivery queue
  9. Advanced filtering statistics and intelligence
  10. Extension blocking/ management
  11. Sender/ Recipient white-, and blacklists
  12. Free domain aliasing
  13. User and permissions management

We also offer outgoing filtering for those that have large companies.This is helpful to reduce the headache of being blocked by blacklists when an account gets hacked and starts emailing spam from your domain and email archiving for those that have compliance rules they need to meet.

We have been partnered with Spam Experts for over three years now.  Spam Experts is an award winning filter used by many large companies.

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If your not sure then shoot us an email and we will be happy to help.