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Website Maintenance and Updating

Your website is your main presence and marketing online, the central point of your online presence.  Keeping your website core software up to date is key to your website security.  By not keeping your software updated it could leave your online marketing asset an easy target for hackers.  Would you drive your car without oil or on bald tires.

Software updates are just one key element of your websites marketing mechanics.  Keeping your content fresh and updated helps your ranking with the online search engines.

Good website hosting and a good plan for website maintenance and updating is extremely important.  Enterprise level businesses do not skimp on these things and understand their vital importance to site performance and security.

Let us handle the updating and scanning of your website so you can focus on running your business.

Core Software Updating

$15 Monthly

  • Free Technical Support
  • Update Plugins
  • Update WordPress or other software (1 product for package)
  • Optimize Database
  • Delete Post Revisions
  • Delete Spam Comments
  • Harden Security
  • Delete Error Logs
  • Test Submit Forms
  • Backup Files & Database
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Ecommerce Product Management

$25 monthly

  • 5 product updates, adds, replacements per month
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Website Content Management

$40 monthly

  • up to 10 changes/additions per month
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