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Sharesync Secure File Sharing for Business

ShareSync secure file sharing

Meet ShareSync Secure File Sharing for Business. It’s a single tool for using, managing and protecting all your files.

ShareSync secure file sharingShareSync secure file sharing for business joins the forces of backup and secure file sharing to enable intuitive file management and mobility while helping to keep company data secure and protected. It eliminates the need for separate file backup by adding file sync and share features on top of cloud file backup.

ShareSync Secure File Sharing for business keeps files and folders in backed up and synced across virtually every device—and helps make it simple to share those files inside and outside of the company.

Business owners and managers will like Sharesync Secure File Sharing for business because the comprehensive security features, permissions-based sharing and 99.999% uptime mean there’s no sacrifice in control, security or reliability.


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hipaa-compliantSharesync Secure File Sharing and Backup that’s easy to usesecure file sharing for business

How are you backing up your files? Are you using different services for backup and file sharing?

Sharesync Secure File Sharing is a 2-in-1 solution that combines file and folder backup with robust sharing features. Use one service and stop worrying about file backup while simplifying secure file sharing and collaboration.

With Sharesync secure file sharing for business, users can back up their files to a powerful enterprise-class data center with a 99.999% uptime guarantee and file redundancy while having the added benefits of secure file sharing and collaboration.

Why backup and share your files with Sharesync?

Backup lets you…

  • Backup your files in real time
  • Access files from virtually any device
  • Easily restore lost data
  • Keep files secure and available with our world-class data infrastructure

File Sharing lets you…order sharesync

  • Share backed up files with anyone
  • Collaborate and share files directly from Microsoft Office and Outlook
  • Replace sending large files with links

Type of ServiceExampleWhy ShareSync Wins
Backup solutionsCarbonite, Crashplan, MozyShareSync gives backed up files added benefits of file sharing and collaboration.

ShareSync also offers real-time backup which eliminates versioning gaps as file change multiple times during a day.
Free File Sync and Share ServicesDropbox, Box, OneDriveShareSync offers greater security, control, and integration while also adding the benefits of a complete file backup and restore solution.
Traditional sharing toolsEmail and attachments, file servers, FTP servers, SharePoint ShareSync is easy to use for employees and share recipients and offers more efficient sharing and collaboration.
Collaboration services available through other Cloud SuitesMicrosoft Office 365 and OneDrive; Google Apps and Google DriveShareSync offers a high degree of security, control, and integration, plus a 99.999% uptime SLA.


Secure Backup and Storage

File backup

Real-time (not scheduled) backup for user files, with simple recovery

Admin control and security

Keep your data safe and protected while consolidating two separate services for simpler management.

A Worry-Free Experience

24/7 admin phone support, a 99.999% uptime SLA and free onboarding assistance.

Sharesync Secure File Sharing

File sharing and collaboration

Sync and share files internally and externally using virtually any device, while maintaining control over file access permissions

Business continuity and disaster recovery

ShareSync secure file sharing for business keeps operations up and running across a number of scenarios, from stolen devices to ransomware outbreaks.

Keep content secure and protected

Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit and with an additional account-specific unique security key. Content protection features guard against accidental deletion or version conflict. Permissions and access are strictly controlled and easily amended at any time. ShareSync data on lost or stolen devices can be wiped remotely.

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