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We have a variety of Wood, shapes, sizes and style of cutting boards. Once you choose the cutting board you like you can then upload your own graphic, photo or design to any of them. We also have some pre-made designs that you can choose from.

All boards are totally useable on the back side, and have been oiled with Emmet’s Elixir Wood Conditioner. Keeping your wooden cutting board seasoned is an essential step to keep it looking and functioning at its best for as long as you need it. Using a product like Emmet’s Elixir Wood Conditioner helps preserve the life of your board so that you can continue to produce mouthwatering meals. Before you start, wash, rinse, and dry your cutting board carefully. Apply the elixir according to the manufacturer’s directions. Rub it in firmly on all sides and the front and back of the board. Let it sit for about an hour. Buff your cutting board gently and it will be ready to use!

We offer 2oz. bottles of Emmet’s for a small cost, less than you can find it on big commercial online stores.

Bamboo, considered a grass and not a wood, makes a terrific cutting board. The fact that it’s so fast-growing makes it a renewable resource and a great choice for the eco-conscious. Bamboo acts similar to wood — it’s still somewhat porous but is considered harder than wood. It also requires oiling, because the bamboo can splinter when not cared for properly. Long-time use also makes the bamboo boards a bit furry and more receptive to bacteria — if that happens it’s time to buy a new board.

Olive Wood cutting board are rare and beautiful with intricate grain patterns. Because olive trees can live through generations, it is hard to come by the wood. The wood tends to be gnarled and is hard to get a very big piece, so each cutting board is individually made and follows the natural contours, with most boards showcasing a raw, natural edge.

Teak cutting boards have made their way onto many a kitchen. Known as being a durable natural wood, teak has commonly been used in wet environments such as boat fixtures, outdoor furniture or spa benches. What gives teak it’s water restive properties is a combination of natural wood oils, tight wood grain and tensile strength. Whereas even other hardwoods such as cherry, maple and walnut need to have oils applied to keep water out, teak is one (if not the only) wood that retains it’s natural oils even after being processed.

Natural Hardwood are Stylish and functional. Made from yellow birch, these boards make a great tool in a highly functional kitchen.

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