We ship to all the U.S. States. No international shipping.  We use the quickest and best possible method to give you the best price. Products normally ship the following day. Custom Products will ship in approximately 2-3 days normally.


All items are returnable with a full refund. However, the customer is responsible for return shipping at which time refund or a shop credit will be applied. Returns must be made within 10 days for a full refund.


Payment is due in advance of the product being shipped. The prices displayed on this site are in U.S. Dollars and valid in the United States only. Prices may change without notice.

Blueray Concepts, nor any of its representatives will be held liable for misuse of the products sold on this site.

Reproduction or the use of the photos on this site are under strict copyright laws and are not useable without the explicit approval of Blueray Concepts.


You will get a proof prior to the completion of your order, at that time if you don’t like it you may say so and we can redo or rework the order. We guarantee our work and are happy to work with you to get what you want. However, there are always slight differences in the proof to the real product because of size difference etc.  Although we hand pick the wood rounds and wood planks, we cannot control the defects or wood knots in the pieces at all times.

Blueray Concepts reserves the right to deny the use of a photo for any custom product due to the quality or subject matter of the photo.

All boards are oiled with a high-quality antibacterial oil before shipping. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to follow the instructions to maintain the boards and oil them. Not all boards require oil but instructions for maintenance of your board will be included.


Cutting Boards: 

When you get your cutting board, we highly suggest you use a warm, soapy washcloth and wash all sides, do not scrub or immerse in water or put into a dishwasher, rinse the board quickly and dry off immediately. Use a small amount of mineral oil (We suggest Emmet’s Elixir Wood Conditioner) to keep the board luster and appearance. Do not use the engraved side for cutting, only use the back side for cutting. Do not set hot pots on it, as it can burn the wood. Do not place in oven or set in the sun for long periods of time.

Wood Rounds and Planks

Wood rounds and planks that have been engraved with a photo can be dusted off or wiped with a slightly damp cloth to remove dust. Do not place in water or in the dishwasher or soak with wet sprays. We do not spray any protectant on the piece, as this is up to the discretion of the purchaser.

Leather-like Products

All leather-like products are cleanable with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water or get too wet.

Wooden Spoons

The engraved spoons are usable however to keep the engraving dark, best not used, or a minimum oiled in to keep the luster and guard against liquids


Blueray Concepts does not ever give out your information, nor sell it to any third party. On occasion, we will send you out information about new specials or new products only.