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Report Spam Tool for Apple OSX.

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To report spam to the SpamExperts systems and databases please use the following tool.

Please make sure your is closed before installing the application

How to install:

  • Proceed to download the .DMG file to your system.
  • Double click on the SpamReporterV3.1.dmg to mount the disk
  • Start the installation by double clicking on the .app file
  • Once the installer has finished, start up your mail client ( once again.

How to report Spam:

  • Select the message(s) you wish to submit (the message is now highlighted)
  • Click on the Mail menu at the top left of the screen
  • Select ‘Services’ from the list and choose ‘SpamReporter_v3’
  • Follow the On-Screen instructions for completion of submission.

Your message has now been submitted to our systems.

How to remove:

  • Close the program
  • Remove the folder ‘~/Library/Services/SpamReporter.workflow’
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