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Methods of Reporting Spam

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If you are still receiving spam, submitting the emails to the central BlueRay Concepts training system will first of all help to reduce the spam you’re seeing, and it will allow us to retrieve detailed information on what may be causing your problems. Emails that did not pass our filtering systems, or that passed the filters because the sender/recipient was whitelisted are automatically excluded from the training systems.

Methods to report spam


If you are using the webmail service, you can report spam by following the instructions detailed in this article.

Spampanel webinterface

In the Spampanel web interface we have a “Report Spam” button. You can upload a spam message on the page to train the spamfilter. It is a ‘drag ‘n’ drop’ style feature, meaning you can save the SPAM email to your system, then drag and drop the email into the “Report Spam” area. Note that only emails are accepted that have been processed by the cluster you’re reporting to. Currently only the .eml format is supported.

Outlook add-on

For .msg format you can use the free “Outlook Email client add-on” to report spam which was not correctly blocked by our systems.  More information about these can be found here.

Thunderbird add-on

If you’re using Thunderbird you can also use the free “Mozilla Thunderbird client addon” to report spam. More information about this addon can be found here.

MailApp Apple OSX

If you’re using for Apple OSX you can also use the following tool to report spam. More information about this addon can be found here.

Email forward as attachment

If your email client is not supported,  it is possible to report spam by forwarding the spam email(s) as attachment to a special address . All messages attached in .eml format will be processed by this system.

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