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How do I whitelist someone who is trying to email me?

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Sender Whitelist

What is Does:

To allow the domain administrator to remain in control over the filtering, it’s possible to whitelist a sender.

The check works based on the MAIL FROM provided by the sender at SMTP level, or the “From:” header in

the email.

All filtering checks are disabled for whitelisted senders. We recommend only using the sender whitelist if

the system would otherwise wrongly block email from a certain sender. Spammers often use fake senders
matching the recipient domain, or domains the recipient may have received emails from before, to try and
bypass the filtering in that way. In addition, if the system is generally wrongly blocking a sender, you can
always contact our customer support so we can research what problem is causing the rejection and resolve
that issue.

You can whitelist a specific sending email address, or a full sending domain. To whitelist all senders from a

domain, you should only enter the domain (without *@).

How to do it:

1. After logging into your Spam Panel click on “Sender Whitelist” in the Whitelist/Blacklist Catagory or scroll down the left hand menu till you find “Sender Whitelist” under Whitelist/Blacklist
2. Under Whitelist a Sender, enter the domain (do not whitelist or or any other free email service on a full domain basis) or the individual email address you want to whitelist
3. Click Add

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