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ShareSync:Collaboration Notifications

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Current version of ShareSync supports following private folders and shares. The user can receive notifications about any updates to the folder they shared or that was shared with them with Co-owner permissions.

Follow the folder

To start following the folder:

  1. Log in to the Web App
  2. Navigate to the folder you want to follow and click Actions > Follow

Follow the folder web

The pin icon will show up indicating the user is following the folder:

Folder is followed

The user can also start following the folder at the same time as granting permissions in the Advanced settings of the Share menu by checking the Follow the folder box:

Advanced Settings

Note: Follow the folder option is disabled by default.

Notifications in the Windows Desktop app

Collaboration notifications in the desktop app are enabled by default. To modify the setting:

  1. Right-click the ShareSync icon in tray
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. On the Settings tab, uncheck / check the Show collaboration notifications box and click OK

Show collaboration notifications

Once the folder is followed and the notifications are enabled, the user will be notified about the following events in the followed folder (even if the folder hasn’t been selected for sync in the Selective Sync menu):

  • New shares
  • New folders
  • New files
  • File updates (all Edit events for the same file will be grouped in one event)

File updates

The events will be displayed in the ShareSync menu (20 last events on which the user subsribed are shown). All events are clickable:

  • For Synced folders (selected for sync in the Selective Sync menu) content would be opened in Windows Explorer
  • For Non-synced folders content would be opened in the Web App

ShareSync menu

The user will be notified even if the events occured when the computer was off or in the Sleep mode. Collaboration notifications show up not more often than once every 15 minutes.

In addition to receiving notifications about followed folders, user always receives notifications about new shares.The notifications are also clickable: for example, the share can be Accepted or Ignored from the menu:

New share


  • the user will receive notifications about events which happen only after the client installation
  • in some cases, Collaboration notifications won’t be displayed if the user is working with other application in full screen mode
  • synced folders only: the user won’t receive a notification about the event if file is syncing. Event will be displayed only after file is up to date
  • menu doesn’t contain information about local errors
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