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ShareSync: File Locking & Conflict Management

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ShareSync allows multiple users to edit the same file. In order to avoid conflicts, collaborators are able to lock a file for exclusive editing rights to that file. When a user lock a file, he is the only collaborator that can make changes to that file.

For advanced conflict management options in Office plugin refer to ShareSync: Co-Authoring In The Office Plugin.

CONFLICT FILES: If the file isn’t locked and it is being edited by several users at the same time, user who saves first will save his/her changes into the original file, and will continue to save subsequent changes there. All other updates made other co-editors will be saved as conflict files which will be stored in the same folder on ShareSync. The updates saved into conflict files have to be manually merged into the original file. Conflict files have the following naming convention ‘Filename (Conflicted copy YYYY-MM-DD for Username)’.

File lock/unlock

Web Interface

Next to the file name, click Actions > Lock. On the next window, click Lock:
Lock the file

A lock icon next to the file name indicates the file is locked:

 File is locked

The file can be unlocked under Actions > Unlock:

 Unlock the file

Desktop client

Right-click the file, select ShareSync > Lock:

Lock the file

A lock icon next to the file name indicates the file is locked:

Icon Windows

To unlock the file, right-click the file name and navigate to ShareSync > Unlock:

Unlock the file Windows

Request unlock

If another collaborator needs to make changes to a file and the file is still locked by you, they can submit an unlock request. Once a file is unlocked, your collaborators can start contributing to the file.

Note: owner or co-owner of the file can unlock the file without subtmitting a request. The feature can be used by collaborators with Modify permissions.
Request Unlock

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