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ShareSync Mobile For Android / Blackberry 10 Devices

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ShareSync is a cloud service provided by YOUR COMPANY that allows you to sync files between multiple computers, ShareSync Web portal and mobile devices, as well as securely share them with your co-workers and external collaborators. The following article describes the mobile ShareSync client for Android devices. ShareSync Mobile is supported on Android 4 & higher (including Amazon Kindle Fire).

To download and install the application, search for it in Google Play Store using the keyword ShareSync.

  1. After the application is installed, it requires you to login. Type in the email address and password and tap Log In:
    ShareSync login
  2. From the Main Screen, you can:
    • add folders and files
    • under Options, switch between backed up folders (My ShareSync, Desktop, Documents), view Activity Feed, Favorites and Settings
    • search in ShareSync
    • refresh the page
      Main screen
  3. To add a file a folder, tap the + icon in the bottom of the page and tap corresponding icon:
    • for folders, enter the folder name and tap Add
    • for files, choose the if you want to upload an existing file or take a new picture or video, and tap OK
      Add files / folders
  4. To move or rename file or folder tap three dots option next to an object and choose corresponding option.Note: it is not possible to rename the folder changing only the case of the characters.  Content movement from a folder owned by one user to a folder owned by another user is not possible.
  5. To navigate to file management, wait for it to upload and tap the file nameOpen the file
  6. You can perform the following actions with the file:
    • share it by sending a link (which can also be protected)
    • add it to Favorites for offline access
    • open it another application (depending on the list of the installed apps on your device)
    • delete itFile ManagementNote: preview of the image and text files are available in the Android App right after download.Types of file available for preview:
      • bmp
      • gif
      • jpeg
      • jpg
      • png
      • txt
      • html
      • csv
      • msg
      • xml

      Note: swipe in the preview mode is available for images.

      Types of file unavailable for preview:

      • tiff
      • raw
      • doc
      • docx
      • xls
      • xlxs
      • ppt
  7. To share a folder / file, tap the folder / file name for a few seconds to select it and tap the clip (Share) icon:
    Share folder or file
  8. To delete a folder / file, tap the folder / file name for a few seconds to select it and tap the recycle bin (Delete) icon:
    Delete folder or file
  9. To view the Activity feed, tap the Menu icon and tap Activity

    • Activity feed contains the last 1000 Add and Modify events and Share invitations. All events are clickable (if you click on a folder, folder will be opened; if you click on a file, the page for preview/downloading the file will be opened)
    • The functionality is supported on Android OS v.4.0+
    • Push notifications about new shared folders will be shown in Android Notification Bar. The functionality depends on Google Services
    • All events about deleted objects are filtered out from the Activity feed, so if the last 1000 events are file/folder deletions, Activity Feed will be empty
      Activity Feed
  10. To view application settings, tap the Menu icon and tap Settings:
    You can perform the following actions:

    • turn Passcode for the application on:
      Enter passcode
    • disable / enable Push Notifications
    • clear cache
    • take a ShareSync tour
    • review ShareSync information
    • log out

App-To-App integration

Note: integration will work only for the Apps supporting integration on their side.

Files can be:

  • exported from ShareSync when the user is working in the third party App using native Open/Attach/Add menu:
  • exported to ShareSync when the user is working in the third party App using native Save/Share/Export menu (i.e. uploaded from other Apps):

Note: last 5 files from the Activity feed will be displayed in the Document provider Recent list

Known issues:

    • For apps that support both technologies of the App-to-App integration (Action_pick & Document provider), ShareSync app be listed twice on devices on Android 4.4+. There is no differences between these two Apps.
    • Standard icons for all file types are used for both list view and gallery view in the document provider. Preview for Image files available only for Pictures uploaded from this particular device
    • Activity feed contains only 1000 last events. All Deleted events are filtered out.
    • There is a known issue in the Android Document provider. Steps to reproduce:
      1. Open the Gmail app (for example, the bug affects other apps too)
      2. Add attachment through the Document Provider (not cached on SD card)
      3. Add another attachment before first one has been loaded
      4. Press Send

As a result, the Gmail app will report that some attachments could not be send. It’s still possible to add multiple attachments if you add them at the same time (long tap on items in the Documents provider) or by sending cached files.


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