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Manage Email from the Billing System

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BlueRay Concepts has now added the ability for our hosting customers to manage their email accounts directly from our billing system. From this area you can add or remove email accounts within your limit, Change email account passwords. Update quotas within your account limits.

Login to your billing account by going to and entering your username and password.

Once you are logged in you can access your email account information by following the steps below:

  1. On the top menu mouse over and click “Services”, click on the first item that says “My Services”.
  2. Here you will see listed all your hosting account domains. Click on green “Active” to the right side of the domain you wish to manage.
  3. This page will show you your current billing and resource usage for the domain.
  4. To manage emails for this domain scroll down the page until you can see the “Quick Shortcuts” box. Click on the “Emails Button”. You can also use the “Quick Create Email” Section by entery the email and password you want to create

You will see a Quota Column next to each email account. This column represents the current usage/current box size.

To add an email account:

  1. Enter the name of the account you wish to add
  2. Enter a password or click on the “Generate Password” button. The password will show below the Button, make sure you have copied the password generated if you choose this option.
  3. Enter the size of the email box you want. Setting to unlimited does not give you unlimited space, you will still be limited by the amount of storage space for your domain as a whole.
  4. Click “Create Email Account”

Make changes to existing email accounts:

Change Password:

  1. Click on “Change Password” to the right of the account you wish to change it for.
  2. Enter the new password you wish to use two times.
  3. Click on “Change Password” button

Change email box size:

  1. Click on “Change Quota” to the right of the account you wish to change the size of.
  2. Enter the size you wish to change it to:
    1. 500 = 500MB, 1024 = 1GB
    2. Unlimited – Changing to this only removes the size restriction of the box within your domain hosting account. You will still be limited to the stoage capacity of your hosting account
  3. Click on “Change Quota”

Delete Email Account:

1. Click on “Delete” to the right of the account you wish to delete.
2. Click the “Delete Account” button to confirm deletion. Once deleted emails cannot be recovered.

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