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BlueRay Backup Restore Manager

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Restore Manager Overview

Restore Manager is the perfect solution for backup and restoring of your cPanel accounts

The main idea behind the Restore Manager plugin is to simplify the process of backup restoration by allowing hosting clients to restore individual items from Local OR Remote backup independently directly from cPanel interface only in few clicks. Also, it will eliminates the need to restore the entire account for just few items that need to be restored and significantly reduces the support calls related to data restoration.

What’s New

A new improved core and backup browser that will help you quickly restore item in your account in the easiest possible way. In cPanel side we have add the options to restore Mail Forwarders and Domain Aliases.

Remote Backup & Restore

Our smart remote backup saves your backups to a remote server only! and you can quickly restore any individual items directly from the remote backup in the easiest possible way.
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