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BlueRay Backup Restore eMail Accounts

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Once you have logged into your BlueRay CPanel Hosting account look for the following window.  Not sure how to get to your Cpanel account – How do I access my cPanel?

The Restore eMail account feature allows users to browse and restore a specific MailBox from the available backup dates.

1) First, choose the backup date and the domain from which you want to restore the mail box.

2) Select the MailBox you want to restore and the MailBox restore cart will appear with the restore button. If the account already exists then you will not be able to select it and will only see an “exist” next to the account (* accounts in the image are blocked for security purposes)

4) By clicking Restore, the MailBox data from the selected date will be restored from the backup.

* If the MailBox does not exist, it will be created and a note with the temporary password will appear. For security reasons passwords are not restored.
* If you are trying to restore an account due to deleted emails, you can also turn on email archiving. This of course would need to have been on when the email in question was on the server.

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