Spam Account Outlook Email Addon

BlueRay Concepts provides email client add-ons to report Spam which was not correctly blocked to our central systems.

Since version 2010, Office is also available in 64 bits. If you have a 64-bits Windows installed, you probably also have Office in 64 bits. In order for the add-on to work, you should install the correct version that matches your Outlook version.

For Outlook 2007 you have to use the 32 bits version.

These are also compatible with the new Outlook 2013, both 32 bits & 64 bits.


How to check your Office version.

First, open any Office application.  For example; Excel 2010, (This will work in any other Office applications)  Open the File menu, and then select Help.

On the right side, you’ll see your version information as well as other information regarding the Office suite.

How to install the addon.

  • Download the relevant .MSI file according to your Office version.
  • Proceed to run the downloaded file. If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista or 7, then you should run the file with administrator priveledges. To do this, right click on the downloaded icon and choose 'Run as Administrator'.
  • When you have reached Setup Wizard, click 'Next' on the first page.
  • You will be then presented with the location you wish to install the program.  The default settings here would be fine.
  • If you would like this addon to be available for your user account only, choose 'Just for me', otherwise click 'For Everyone' and then click next.
  • The 'Disk Cost' button shows you the disk space availability on the PC.
  • Click 'Next' on the following screen to proceed to confirm the installation.
  • Your addon will then proceed to install.
  • Once installed restart your Microsoft Outlook, and your addon will be visible in the 'addins' tab.

If users experience an error when installing "Module C:\Program Files\Outlook Spam Report addon\ReportSpam.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147010895 Contact your support personnel".

Then this usally means the system you are installing it on is missing certain runtime files. This can be resolved by installing "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)". This can be found here. We are currently working on including this in the build of the next version.

To report spam, select the message that passed the filter that you wish to report, go to your Add-Ins menu and then click the 'Report Spam' button.
The message will then be reported and moved to the 'Trash' folder.

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