How do I backup my site manually?

Backing up your website is very important to do periodically. We are going to cover here the manual method of doing so. You will need to have an FTP program installed on your computer. There are many programs to choose from CuteFtp, WS_ftp, WINSCP to name a few.  You will also need the FTP login for your website. When you signed up with BlueRay Concepts Hosting you received a Welcome Email that had all your hosting information it.  If you have forgotten or lost this information you can email and we weill reset you password and email the information to your email address on file with your account. Your web designer or web developer should also have this information for you.

1. What you first need to do is put in the connect dialog box for your FTP program your site name: such as
2. Put in your username and password, be careful because they are case sensitive. Click connect. The default port of 21 is fine. If there is a option for anonymous login, make sure that it is NOT checked, it needs to be a username/password type login.
3. Next you should be presented with a list of folders for your website. Usually there will be a folder called httpddocs or public_html, navigate to that folder and double click it to open it. Now you should be presented with a list of files from your website. Usually there is an index.html type file, images folders, and sometimes Flash files. Create a new folder on your desktop called “my site” or whatever name you chose and highlight and drag all the files from the website directory to your local folder.

Now you have completed a website backup after the download completes. If you have a database backend for your website you will also want to back up your database. This can be a simple process using phpmyadmin tool provided with most web hosting control panels. Please login to your control panel, navigate to databases/mysql > phpmyadmin > now you should be presented with the phpmyadmin tool. Making sure your database is selected, go to export. Scroll down, check “download file” checkbox and select gzip compression, and click the export button. It should ask you to save the database to your desktop.

If you have cpanel, there is also an easy process to backup everything in your website including emails. Login to cpanel > go to backups. You can there generate a full backup. This will include your emails, web files, and databases.
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